Icon Leather accepts all custom leather work, where we customize the design of products, leather materials, linings, logos, hardware and accessories etc. We pride ourselves as a custom leather manufacturer at every step from design to material selection and from production to packaging all under one company.

Whether you already have a design in your mind or would like to work together to create something entirely new, our talented designers will be happy to assist you come out with your best one yet. With years of experience and a solid reputation for quality, we have the team in place to get things done correctly and quickly.

We give you the chance to submit your project’s drawings, sketches or notes allowing you to feel completely involved in the process and keep control of the design phase. After submitting your designs, our design team will discuss with you about even the minute details in order to carry out the production perfectly, or will offer you samples to make any corrections before final production. After sample approval, we will then take care of every step of the manufacturing process on your behalf, and guarantee total flexibility in meeting your expectations.

Yes, we protect the intellectual property of each client and we do not share your designs with anyone outside of the factory. We can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if you provide us with one prior to working on a project.

No matter how complicated or customized leather product you demand, we do our best to deliver the quality according to your requirement. Please drop us a message and our team will take it from there.